Anniversary Party

Let’s gift the precious anniversary party on Ganges.​

Family celebrations like wedding, anniversaries and ring ceremonies come and go quickly. Its hard to remember what you did to celebrate it. In most cases its monotonous and in spite of huge expenditures involving the celebration making it unique and memorable is a mammoth task. We bring in to you a complete package for all budgets, to make this special event uniquely lavish and a memory lasting life time. All we need is brief valuable discussion understanding your taste and budget and the best package is ready in no time. We make your desire to connect and reconnect with your partner in a more unique and memorable way.

Couple celebration


Let us make your anniversary remake your first date. You want to assure your partner/spouse that you love her more than ever. We bring every bit of your thoughts live to make her feel special.

Romantic live DJ


Music is known to be a great healer of all times. We have got whole band of renowned DJ artists to bring you closer and have you experience your love for each other in a musical way. Even your peers wouldn’t resist to move with the beats.

Romantic couple dance


Nothing better than a romantic wine and dine with no one around. For you to express your hearts to each other in complete privacy. A pre-arranged surprise gift adds on to the cheerful moments.

Anniversary party with rose

The U.S.P of our anniversary party.

* Chariot ride
* Couple’s game
* Romantic dinner
* Surprise gifts
* Romantic mixtapes
* Slideshow/surprise
* photoshoot

Create a moment of your lifetime.

We take your relationship to another level making it sweet yet fun-filled. With thoughtful surprises we help you make your partner feel heavenly. Romantic moments with love mixtapes couple’s games, slideshows, surprise gifts and more will surely lift up the spirit of your celebration. What an advantage if you could capture your beautiful moments in a surprise photoshoot. Whether its your wedding party or the 50th anniversary it is going to be your best memories ever.