Stag Night

The stag night experience on the cruise.

We bet you don’t want your bachelorette or birthday party to be just another stage to pass through and be a mundane celebration. We provide you seas of possibilities to make it more exciting and personal which, not just you but your peers and guests will have an exciting moments to remember until the next.

Special chariot service


This is a unique service for an enthusiastic couple who can go extra mile to make their partner live a fairy tale. Multiple choices at your disposal – from a decorated Tanga ride overseeing the beauty of the Victoria Memorial to being picked up from a pre-booked decorated 5star hotel room and take for a romantic joy ride in a vintage/luxury car before being warmly welcomed at the jetty for a lavish cruise over the Ganges.

Special champagne on board


“Royalty loved the novelty of sparkling line. It was said to have positive effects on women’s beauty and man’s wit,”

Popping the cork and toasting with sparkling, fizzy champagne preceeding a warm cultural welcome to couple onboard to mark the celebration more elite.

On board game


We make your stag night more interesting and fulfilled with curated list of game shows. Let your guest feel relaxed with personalized compliments and make them feel special too.

Stag bight with beer

The U.S.P of our stag night.

We help you celebrate your buck’s or stag night party like no one does. From themed deco to cultural specific welcome; from a romantic joyrides to fun-filled lavish celebrations and thats not all, we do it at the best hit rates keeping our margins to the bare minimum. We help you say goodbye to your impending nuptials in a way to remember for the years to come.

Make your stag night memorable with us.

We assure you yet another milestone for you and your peers as you celebrate. A great loss to those who would miss out your invitation as we help you embark your next journey with your partner. We have got world of possibilities to make sure your celebration adds on to the best of your memories.

Stag night with friends